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What can a great and impactful CSI programme do for your company?
  • Demonstrate the heart of your company and help enhance credibility
  • Improve organisations competitive edge in terms of attracting and retaining investors, clients and employees
  • Improve the living conditions of your employees, their families and the communities in which you operate, thereby creating a sense of employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Enhance your company’s corporate image and ultimately your ROI
  • Support the development of brand loyalty and trust with your customers
We’ve combined sport and education into a training programme that gives back to the youth in Cape Town, taking them from roots to results in a holistic way.

Our Programmes

DISKI School Sport Development (SSD) Programme
The program consists of the following main pillars:
  • Life skills and soft skills programme
  • After school sports programme
  • After school edu clubs
  • School and community tournaments
  • High performance academy matches and tournaments
  • School holiday programme

The DISKI Develops SSP provides sport and soft skill support to schools within the Blackheath, Blue Downs, and Emfuleni areas in the Western Cape. Playing sport is more than physical fitness. It teaches discipline, hard work and also how to work as a team.

Our programme is focused on the mental and physical development of school learners, both on and off the field. Skills such as collaborating with others, presenting ideas and communicating with people are all highly valued and are not caught, but taught. The SSD program offers schools and learners the opportunity for ongoing professional development. 

DISKI High Performance Academy
The Academy will focus on
  • Technical Drills and Development
  • Tactics & Analysis Development
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Player Education
  • Softs & Life Skills Development
  • Nutrition 
  • Sport Psychology
  • Life Skills & Soft Skills Intervention
The DISKI HPA is an elite training program headed up by a team of highly experienced and qualified local football coaches. The academy provides weekly pro level training where 108 players (Boys & Girls) will develop their skills under the expert guidance of coaches and mentors. The DISKI HPA is a catalyst for aspiring young footballers to be identified and fast tracked into professional structures.
DISKI After School Edu Clubs (ASEC)

The DISKI After School Edu Club’s is a program that facilitates the development of very important yet overlooked soft skills such as analytical thinking, public speaking, debating and communication skills and more. The ASEC program is designed to grow, nurture and unleash soft skill development in a creative, educational and more engaging platform.

These clubs are hosted at the schools and are open to anyone that is interested in attending. Each club will participate in competitions and further development structures of opportunity will be made available to the ones that excel and show great potential Diski show your # coding club

DISKI Develops is a team of change makers that use sport and education as a vehicle for social impact.